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Who we are

Who We Are

We are a team of technology experts focused on solving everyday problems. Our focus is to help you develop or utilize software solutions that help run your IT infrastructure efficiently and in a cost effective manner. Our teams include remote infrastructure support teams, Product Development, DevOps, Integration and support for many off the shelf management products. We strive to be the best option in the industry when you need a dedicated partner to help you overcome your IT challenges. Contact us today to find out how we can augment your team or how our Products can help you with your needs.

Our Products

Our flagship product, OpSmart is a suite of ITSM solutions packaged within one portal that can help you manage your infrastructure and cloud whether it is a small foot print or a large enterprise. OpSmart provides a complete suite of ITSM modules including service, change, and incident and task management. In addition, light version of OpSmartCM can help you manage your cloud by automating provisioning, cloud discovery, capacity management and cloud automation.

Our Services

In addition to our products, we also provide remote teams of experts that can help you build or support IT solutions. Our product development team can support your product dev or devops projects by seamlessly integrating into your teams and boosting the manpower needed to get the job done. Our support teams can help support your products such as ServiceNow, Sciencelogic SL1, Uptime, CA UIM, Coradiant and much more. We can provide you a team that works during the business hours or around the clock depending on your needs.

Our vision is to enable our clients to achieve organizational flexibility and efficiency by transforming fixed costs into variable costs thereby helping them more adaptive in a fast changing world.

Our mission is to increase flexibility in resource management and reduce response times to major organizational changes. We invest in people and fixed assets to increase efficiency and allow our clients to adopt a variable cost model thus reducing long term investment fixed costs. What makes us different is our approach to outsourcing risk mitigation, caring for our clients’ reputation and considering our responsibility to represent our clients to their customers essential to our success.

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