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Uptime Support

Uptime Support

The OpSmart team has done extensive troubleshooting of the Uptime platform and also have been part of various Onboarding's. Our team of certified experts have also developed some great solutions for uptime and for its customer. The team worked hand in hand with the Support and Professional teams to get the quality support for the customers.

We have helped customers to deploy uptime Instances across various datacenters, have helped them with onboarding and have provided 24/7 monitoring and regular updates. The team was also instrument in building various Application along with Events and validation. The team is well versed in using the API’s and also comes up with solution after their complete research.

We can help you deploy with

Uptime Infrastructure Monitor Setup
Configure Various platform monitors in uptime. ( Windows, LINUX, Oracle, Solaris , AIX ,MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle)
Installation, performance, upgrades
Adding elements to the Uptime/ Getting Started Guide
Agent based monitoring
Agentless monitoring
SNMP/WMI issues/SNMP Traps
Website monitoring, WAT
Custom monitors
Plugins for ( Service Monitors and Dashboard )
Topological dependencies/ Maintenance
Various Application monitoring in uptime ( weblogic,websphere,..)
SLA, Applications
Performance and Tuning
Technical Support Portal
Problem report Export , Import
API controller and dashboards
Integrating with ServiceNow for ticket generation

We can help you Support your Uptime Infrastructure with

Service monitors Issues
Dashboard loading issues
Problem report (reject DUMP files) not generating
Java crash errors
100% memory
Alerts without content and subject
Uptime Log file
AWS server port
Delete SQL query
PHP upgrade
Oracle triming process
Uptime triming process SQL
Limited performace issue
Unsupported uptime version.
PDF report generation issues
Vmware monitoring related issues
https certificate issues
Uptime upgrade
Data collector not working
Database Trim, Import, export, migration ,etc

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