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Cloud Service Management

Cloud Service Management

As we all are aware of the industry movement to cloud computing. The benefits are clearly defined as it eliminates costly technology investments, data centers etc. However, the keys to a successful cloud computing solution begin with finding the right partner. With OpSmart you not only gain a trusted advisor/partner but you also are able to migrate your costs from capital to expense.

OpSmart Can Help!
By choosing to move to a Cloud solution, your business gains access to a number benefits:

Our Services include

Remote and speedy deployment of applications and services

Flexible, scalable, robust platforms

Fixed IT costs (capital to operational expenses)

Waste reduction and improved ROI

Custom SLAs that meet business requirements

"Green" initiative compliance

Increased Focus on Core Business

Expedient deployment of your applications and service on flexible, scalable, robust platforms will
free your team to focus on your business's core, strategic business activities.

Infinite Cloud Formations

You have the flexibility to choose from infinite Cloud Computing Applications and Services including:

Choose the right infrastructure at the right time
Infrastructure scalability based on usage, control and costs
Costs based on usage not capacity
Infrastructure phased implementation based on needs – fixed/defined costs
Per transaction fees based on volume of inbound calls to sales, customer service teams or number of e-transactions

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