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OpSmart Cloud Management

  • Boost productivity
  • Minimize the impact of issues
  • Reduce overall operating costs
  • Adhere to compliance and industry regulations
  • Increase team accountability and productivity
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Select the Right Hybrid Cloud Management Software

With the right Cloud Management software, you can,

  • Gain granular and real-time visibility into cloud utilization, cost and performance
  • Automate operational tasks like provisioning, reclaim, etc.
  • Empower cloud accountability through accurate cost allocation and chargebacks
  • Optimize and streamline cloud utilization to prevent cloud sprawl
  • Simplify management of subscriptions and accounts for cost centers or business units
  • Enable self-service and billing transparency

Multi Cloud Discovery

OpSmart Cloud Management is utilized for managing the entire virtualization deployments and management across all your Clouds whether Public, Private or Hybrid through a simple User Interface. OpSmart Cloud Management supports AWS, OpenStack and VmWare and have the below functionalities.

Cloud VM Management Features:

  • VM Provisioning
  • One or Multi VM Reclaim
  • VM's can be turned off/on and restarted/suspended
  • Create/Delete Snapshots
  • Snapshot automation for auto deletion
  • Automated Discovery of all Cloud objects
  • Top 10 Infographic reports for Datacenters, Datastore Usage, Cluster, Host and VM Count
  • Activity Dashboard to view all your logs.
  • Light weight CMDB with Client Information


To effectively manage and improve your systems, you need to know exactly what assets are in your Cloud environment.

With OpSmart Cloud Management Dashboard you get a quick glimpse on your entire infrastructure spread across all the clouds. Manage and Govern your Cloud Infrastructure with more workloads across any clouds.

User Management

Authenticate and Manage Users with policy-based roles which controls your Cloud Operations. OpSmart Cloud Management support AD/LDAP integration for access and login management.

Discovery Automation

Schedule jobs for your cloud asset discovery frequency and configure automation to perform operational tasks at specific intervals.

Global Search

OpSmart Cloud Management provides the ability to search for cloud assets across multiple clouds from a single dashboard.

Light CMDB

OpSmart Cloud Management provide a module that allows for mapping and tracking relationships of assets to other configuration items such as clients, accounts, contracts, SLAs, jobs, SOWs and Datacenter hardware. Light CMDB also provides details of hardware and virtual infrastructure – as well as non IT assets - throughout their lifecycle. Once an asset is deployed, Asset Management records all maintenance activity and enables IT to perform regular audits, right up until asset retirement.

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