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Why OpSmart ITSM

Every ITSM Organization strives to provide high-quality technology services to its clients and business units as part of its mission. However, software complexity, manpower changes, and changing business requirements have complicated achieving that mission. Trends such as mobility, virtualization adoption, new and increasing compliance and governance requirements, and the need to modernize existing infrastructure add further complication to managing the IT environment.

The Technical Solution

To make information across the enterprise readily available requires an enterprise infrastructure that is managed as an integrated whole. OpSmart ITSM provides a flexible, scalable, and open solution. OpSmart's modular architecture supports the addition of new capabilities and can be scaled to support multi-functional, diversified requirements, and fluctuating demand levels. OpSmart integrated system aligns ITSM resources to support customer business objectives.

These services create a centralized operations and support center, providing the customer a cohesive approach to integrate process optimization, systems development and support, and network and service desk management across the business enterprise.

  • OpSmart ITSM is MSP's main Enterprise Management and Operations Support System
  • OpSmart's core functionalities include:
    • Hardware Inventory system/client-server relationship management
    • MSP Client Account Management 
    • Ticket tracking modules for different Teams/Solutions/Business Processes
      • Change Management
      • Service Delivery Fulfilment
      • Incident Management
      • Project Management – Task Tracking
    • Integrated with other Enterprise Corporate Apps
      • Peoplesoft, Scalent, Netscaler, NetApp
      • Uptime, Dell, Insight, Splunk
    • MSP Sales Tracking & New client/service provisioning system
    • Out of the Box integration with enterprise monitoring products such as Sciencelogic SL1 and Uptime Software



IT help desk software - The perfect starter kit to get your ticketing right.
(Monthly License Fee Per ITIL User (Support Included))


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  • CMDB Management
  • Asset Management
  • ITSM Ticketing Management Suite (IR/CR/PR/SR)
  • Provisioning Workflow Engine
  • Event Management Dashboard (Alert Central)
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  • -
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Help desk + ITIL® + asset + project - The complete ITIL® ready ITSM suite with all features that an IT service desk needs. (Monthly License Fee Per ITIL User (Support Included))


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  • CMDB Management
  • Asset Management
  • ITSM Ticketing Management Suite (IR/CR/PR/SR)
  • Event Management Dashboard (Alert Central)
  • Storage Management & Automation
  • Virtualization Cloud Management
  • Integration Interface with over 25 third party tools

System Architecture

The following figure sheds some light on most architectural aspects of OpSmart ITSM such as,

Datacenters managed by OpSmart
Main modules in the system
Main platforms and technologies used in the different environments
Main third party applications integrating with OpSmart ITSM

Business Process Management

Business process management in the context of any type of software and hardware need within an ITSM organization focuses on the provisioning process, contract compliance and client reporting solutions which ensure the accurate delivery of ITSM services and the enforcement of contractual limitations resulting in further revenue generation. The following modules of OpSmart ITSM are built to fulfill this business need.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence solutions connect people with information when and where they need it to identify and analyze opportunities and trends to make better and faster decisions. OpSmart ITSM allows users to perform complex analytical tasks quickly and easily to get to the "why" behind an event or action to improve business performance. These solutions provide in-depth insight into the quality of ITSM Services provided to clients as well as proactive indicators and preventive measures to reduce contract cancellations.

Virtualization and Automation

The simple user interface of OpSmart ITSM provides a powerful ability to provision a client in virtual datacenters in few minutes which normally take days in the old manual processes. The automation of client provisioning using combined templates/blueprints will result in increased productivity, reduced mistakes and ensures on time delivery of ITSM Services. The business objective of "Virtualization & Automation" is achieved through the following set of modules in OpSmart ITSM.


OpSmart provides superior collaboration capabilities for ITSM teams through a unified platform that brings people, processes and technology together to optimize service support and resolution management.

Data systems integration

OpSmart ITSM has generated huge amounts of data from various internal organizations, thus creating a challenge for users who consume this information. OpSmart seamlessly integrates cross departmental data involved in the delivery of our services in a single platform and without the need for additional software.

OpSmart ITSM Development Phases

OpSmart grew from a set of simple spreadsheets to a highly sophisticated ITSM Enterprise Solution. But this is not where it ends. Due to the fact that OpSmart now serves as the single most mission-critical application within the ITSM Organization, a continuous development effort is spent to maintain it and enhance its existing modules. We are constantly coming up with new features to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the services provided by us.

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