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Software Development

Software Development

A successful outsourcing relationship is based on clear communication and transparency. We realize that and therefore, focus on mitigating risks, developing quality controls and reporting on our performance. Outsourcing in software development is not a new practice. However, we understand there are risks that need to be mitigated in order to achieve the best returns for your investment. We build creative, scalable solutions that reflect your operational needs, and the success of your growth strategy. We can help plan, design, code and deploy an application from the ground up. Yes, we can even support it when your customers need help.

Software Product Deployment

We appreciate the uniqueness of your idea and how important it is that the product you develop embodies that idea to perfection. Outsourcing software development maybe be the most flexible and cost effective approach to build that product. As our developers have worked with all sorts of requirements, they have developed expertise with different kinds of technologies. All custom web and software development projects are developed using industry standard tools and are validated and tested for browser compatibility. They guarantee that any custom web application developed is guaranteed to work with your existing systems. Our development quality control measures are put in place to ensure that all applications and projects deliver guaranteed results on time and within proposed budgets.

We keep the end-user in mind when building solutions. The addition of multimedia enhancements like online messaging and conferencing services, bulletin boards, searchable databases, content management, online learning tools and courses, product catalogs, etc can make a website more interactive. Whether you need a dynamic, database-driven website or a fully functioning e-commerce web site, our software developers have the creative talent and technical expertise to accommodate your company's web development needs.

Selecting and deploying the right software solution is important to your business. Off the shelf or in-house developed, your mission critical software products need to be deployed in a least disruptive manner in order to achieve user adoption and optimize your return on investment.

Many organizations face the challenges of designing, developing and implementing a new piece of software that will enhance their competitiveness and continue progressing toward high performance. This process involves multiple risks: How will we keep the technology current? How much will it really cost? When will it go live? How will we ensure it delivers on the business case? How will we maintain it?

To avoid these and other risks you haven't anticipated can take a lot of planning. Protect your investment by teaming with OpSmart. We offer a Design, Build, run solution that provides an advanced and flexible lifecycle delivery framework for packaged and custom-built applications as well as measures. It also validates the actual benefits associated with your investment.

OpSmart has helped more than 50 organizations deliver high performance through design, build and run engagements. We offer multi-tower solutions tailored to your needs, innovative frameworks and tools plus a global network of delivery centers.

We can deliver the following business benefits:

Accelerated speed to value
Increased productivity
Improved predictability
Reduced costs
Minimized risk
Clear measures of success

Software Product Support

In a connected world, as software products become more and more complex, proficient technical support becomes more integral to the customer experience and more difficult to fulfill. This challenge is made more complex by escalating operational and capital costs in a fluctuating economy.

OpSmart can assess business and technology drivers to plan, design and implement leading-edge product support teams. Our Technical and Product Support offerings are:


We help you reduce cost per transaction by introducing innovative solutions that include highly skilled talent for a fraction of your current cost.


We can help your business enhance customer satisfaction by improving first-time call resolution and other key business


We address scalability and business continuity concerns by providing geographically integrated support

OpSmart can help your enterprise deliver technical and product support across all channels and levels. Our resources are enabled with knowledge management, process improvement, case management and service enablement tools. OpSmart provides comprehensive automated and self-service support options, and contributes to their continuous improvement through content production, analytics and process reengineering.

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